Meet Our New Dog

Brandon and I went to PetsMart this weekend. I needed cat food and you know what that means: we ended up adopting another dog.

I support PetsMart’s responsible adoption policies. All of the cats are from local animal shelters and all the dogs are from local volunteer organizations; not puppy mills, unlike a certain Uncle’s pet shop. We’ve wanted a scary-looking dog for some time. Brandon for protection, me to scare little kids off my lawn.

There sat this feller, who we’ve named Darwin (unless we think of something more badass. I kinda like the idea of “Bowser”, myself). He came all the way from Union County. Darwin’s a 6 month-old shepherd mix and a sweet puppy. He’s been sitting at my feet all morning here at my desk.

He’s already learned from Charlie how to hate everyone and everything. I’ll be training him to bark at everyone not the UPS, FedEx or PeaPod guy.

Despite the evilness training I have to put him through, he’s awfully happy. I just took this photo with his tail wagging:


  1. He definitely has a long way to go if he wants to take over the world with his evil plans. Or just scare kids off your lawn.

    Seriously, thanks for adopting!

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