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Indianapolis appears to be getting serious about a more regional mass-transit system. The system would include more bus service, light rail, passenger trains and other improvements to regional highways like I-465, I-69 and I-65.

The Star has an interesting poll up asking whether or not folks support the sales tax increases necessary to pay for the $10 billion plan. The top bar represents people living in Hamilton and Johnson Counties. The bottom bar represents people that do not:

More on Mass Transit in Indy 1

I’ll say it again: Central Indiana needs to develop regional taxation. Having nine counties, eight of which would barely exist if not for Marion County, with separate tax systems much lower than Marion County is silly. Flatten the tax rate region-wide and you’ll stop urban sprawl, white flight and a bunch of other problems that plague urban areas. We already have our “hamburger tax” in the region to support Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center. I propose that the State just setup a regional tax system for the nine-county metro area and bring back some fairness to the tax structure.

The transit authority has a proposal video that looks pretty slick. I just don’t want to pay for it. I am, however, very happy to know that this is a public-private proposal. Indy does well with these projects, such as Circle Centre and the Convention Center.

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