Most Facebook Users are Idiots

If you’re reading this, you’re not on Facebook. Perhaps you just came from there,  but you’re certainly not on Facebook. Confused? So are these people (h/t to Neven).

Evidently, people who want to login to Facebook google “Facebook Login” and come across a the top result which is a story from ReadWriteWeb that talks about Facebook’s login. It’s not, however, affiliated with Facebook in any way.

The idiotic part? “Facebook Login” Googlers end up at ReadWriteWeb and scroll to the bottom looking for the login prompt and end up leaving comments that really make their intelligence shine. ReadWriteWeb even has this at the top of their page:

Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook. This is a website called ReadWriteWeb that reports on news about Facebook and other Internet services. You can however click here and become a Fan of ReadWriteWeb on Facebook, to receive our updates and learn more about the Internet. To access Facebook right now, click here. For future reference, type “” into your browser address bar or enter “facebook” into Google and click on the first result. We recommend that you then save Facebook as a bookmark in your browser.

Just look at some of these comments:

I truly love Faceback.I am able to talk to more then one person.

when can we log in?

The new facebook sucks> NOW LET ME IN.

please give me back the old facebook login this is crazy……………..


It’s a brave new world.

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