My hilariously inappropriate Siri dictation

So I needed to type out a bunch of text for the back of a fishing lure package, and rather than type, I thought I’d dictate on my Mac. I was simply in BBEdit, and spoke clearly and slowly. This is what I got (italicized words are incorrect from what I actually wanted, in addition to the obvious):

Thank you for your purchase of a guy dog tackle fishing. All of our Luehrs are designed to be extremely versatile and can be finished using many different techniques. The Logsplitter will fall at about 1 ft./s. Cut it down to your desired death in the gay retrieve. It’s low to medium retrieval flawlessly mimic a fishes natural swimming motion. I’m twitching deposit retrieve the viewer will turn out

Interesting that it abbreviate “one foot per second” as it did. It can do that, but can’t get “…desired depth and begin your retrieve” right.

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