New Rule: Politicians Must Know Word and Excel

I’m in this weird spot in my life where I’m a young, urban feller but I’m also operating a business. On one hand, tax cuts (my 40% tax rate is a little sickening) sound really, really nice. And, on the other hand, not being a racist homophobe seems like a good plan for future success, too.

So, when Evan Bayh decided to step down, I thought it was a good thing – time to get some young new guy in there. Then, I saw a picture of Dan Coats in the Star who they’re calling the new front-runner for his seat. Then I realized he was old and that pissed me off.

I’ve never known a world without a Bayh, Bush, Clinton or Kennedy in power at the national level. Now, without a Bayh, Bush or Kennedy in place after this term cycle and a Clinton in no real legislative authority, I thought we were moving on. And then, our state graciously donates an old guy who used to be in the Senate two decades ago as the “front runner” to fill the seat of a guy I never really liked anyway.

Damnit. This is not hard. Part of me wants to barge into the state HQ of both parties and yell, “WHAT THE HELL!? IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO!?”

Therefore, it’s time for a new rule: people that want to run for positions of power and authority over my country and state have to at least know Word and Excel.

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