No More Taxes! And Don’t Cut Anything, Either!

Mother Jones has an interesting story. When Americans were asked if we should raise taxes or cut services to balance the budget, a majority said we need to cut services. When asked what services they’d cut, not even a third of those polled could agree on one thing to cut — except, foreign aid, which is only 1% of our entire annual budget cycle.

Here’s a thought: how about we cut all of them?

The Justin Plan:

  • Cut Social Security by raising the entitlement age to 75.
  • Cut national defense by leaving the Iraqis and Afghans to sit and muddle in their own hellish sandbox alone.
  • Cut Medicare by weeding out fraud.
  • Cut aid to the poor by a couple percentage points.
  • Cut VA benefits by not having as many veterans. See, “National Defense”.
  • Cut health research by incentivizing private firms to do the research instead.
  • Cut education by complete reform — if education could be fixed by throwing money at it, we’d be done by now.
  • Cut highway spending by stopping the practice of building highways that go absolutely nowhere.
  • Cut mass transit by building more rail lines — which are cheaper to maintain — than busses, subways or carpool lanes.
  • Cut foreign aid because we can’t take care of everyone else if we can’t take care of ourselves first.
  • Cut unemployment benefits by incentivizing businesses to hire more people with far-reaching tax credits.
  • Cut science and technology by incentivizing private firms, just like medical firms, to do the research.
  • Cut agriculture spending by ceasing the subsidies of massive factory farms and ridding ourselves of that stupid farm bill.
  • Cut housing by no longer building more frickin’ houses — we have enough houses in this country. Start refurbishing and saving older homes that are built better to begin with. This will also stop urban sprawl and save money on highway and transit spending.
  • Cut environmental spending by throwing down the gauntlet. Let local police do the job of policing heavy polluters with strict, straight-forward rules and regulations on what’s acceptable and what’s not.
  • As a side note to the environment and leaving Iraq and the middle east – let’s do everything with what we have here to sustain ourselves. Build windmills, solar panels, nuclear power plants, drill off the coasts (since no one would actually see the dereks from land anyway) and mine for natural gas and coal. This appeases everyone because we do everything and as we develop better technologies, the older stuff (coal, gas, etc.) will fall away.

That oughta save a few trillion.

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