Nothing’s Good Enough

I was in the shower this morning and as the water was running, I thought, “I guess that’s a pretty good reason for government to exist.” Then I said, “Wait a minute. No it’s not. The water tastes like crap, smells like crap, costs $40 a month and no one is satisfied with it.” When’s the last time you ever heard someone say, “Oh, you must come to our town. The water is delicious?” Instead, we all have to boil, filter or treat our water ourselves after our government has finished messing with it. In Salem, when we wanted water, we all just went outside and sucked it up out of a big hole in the ground. It was soft, didn’t erode our pipes, kept our clothes soft, our hair cleaner and everything tasted better. Plus, it was free!

Then there’s the Post Office. Oh god, the Post Office. Every day as I throw 5 credit card offers and a bunch of junk magazines in the trash I ask, “Why am I paying for this again?”

The FAA. Yes, the air traffic control system. What a waste. Plans zip through the air all over the place and our country’s air traffic control system is so antiquated that even the Canadians gave it up. They sold their ATC system years ago and now they have a system that’s the envy of North America with some of the fewest accidents, lowest issues, lowest costs and highest technology.

The roads are often considered a legitimate government program, but they’re falling apart to the point that the government just says, “Watch out for those craters as you bump along at 70 MPH.” In Indy, on East Washington Street people were serving yesterday to avoid holes that have been there for weeks. The city says people should report them, which is fine, but I’m sure a dozen different police officers drive over that stretch all day long. Why don’t they report them?

I am increasingly of a mind that the more the government tries to do, it fails miserably. It’s not good enough and we have no choice but to accept it and pay the overpriced amount for what we’re getting. I know it may sound whiny and silly to you, but when I have to pay thousands of dollars in taxes each year to governments that keep pissing money into the wind, I lose faith in the system.

And don’t say I should vote for better candidates. George Carlin already covered that:

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