Photoshop has crashed. Whatcha gonna do about it? Huh, punk?

I hate Photoshop. I really do. It’s like some mafia gangster that shows up at your door, barges in, rummages through all your stuff, breaks everything and by the time you grab your gun he’s out the door.

Just look at this:


Those are my usage stats when I opened a Photoshop document. Just a little 72 dpi 1500 pixel-tall photoshop document. A couple masks, a dozen or so layers, some text and a few effects and filters. That’s evidently enough to make it consume 99% of my dual-core CPU processing power and a majority of my 8 GB of RAM. I’d expect that kind of fall-on-your-face idiotic resource management from, say, hitting the monkey in a Flash web ad, but not Photoshop; not from such a respected and amazing company as Adobe.

I know, it’s funny. As if I’d see a web ad (thanks, GlimmerBlocker!) and as if Adobe took a minute to use their own software.

It’s time for a leaner or rewritten Photoshop. Something. Anything. Please.

I used to think Apple might make something to compete. But seeing how they’ve bungled Final Cut Pro X, they’d probably make a Photoshop competitor, let you use it for six years and then steal away in the night the ability to crop and rotate photos.

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