Purdue Isn’t Very Gay

Purdue University has a professor in some hot, gay water:

A Purdue University professor has landed in hot water with students protesting his personal blog — a conservative Web page on which he posted an “economic case against homosexuality.”

Some have called for Bert Chapman to resign or be fired for his Oct. 27 posting, which laid out an argument that the cost for AIDS research and treatment should factor into the national debate over the acceptance of gays and lesbians.

My favorite part of this story is on page two:

In a phone interview Wednesday, Chapman said he was surprised at the backlash his blog had caused in the pages of the daily campus newspaper, which has run several letters calling for his job.

Hearing rumors of a student protest, he said he wished the matter would simply go away.”It is sad we live in a time when truly free and open debate on controversial issues is characterized by such virulence,” Chapman said. “As a country, we are in serious trouble if we reach a point when only one side on a public policy issue is allowed to be discussed.”

You know, there’s a difference between free speech and plain stupidity. It’s the reason why you can’t make death threats to people, the reason why you can’t scream “FIRE” in a crowded room and the reason why you can’t berate people publicly with slander and libel. You know why? Because it’s wrong, unsafe and harmful.

And if anyone can make an economic case against anything, it’s me. So, here goes:

The Economic Case Against Conservative Christians
By Justin Harter

Conservative Christians cost America billions of dollars in lost economic development every year because they take up people’s time with useless non-issues.

Also, the amount of hot air required to keep Pat Robertson’s head afloat is negatively impacting the nation’s ailing hot air balloon industry by draining supply.

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  1. I think your economic case makes way more sense than the professor’s. And I’m glad to hear my fellow Boilermakers are standing up against him.

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