Purdue: Our Research Makes Sense

As an IUPUI student, I get to claim and disown either IU or Purdue whenever they do something stupid or cool. Take for instance the results of a survey from Purdue that claim 70 MPH speed limits are just as safe, if not safer, than 65 MPH speed limits:

“Everyone thinks that the benefit for increasing the speed limit would be more injuries, severe injuries and fatalities,” said Fred Mannering, a Purdue professor of civil engineering and the report’s author. “What is important about this report is that it shows it isn’t happening here.”

Mannering said two factors might have lead to the results: Drivers were already pushing the pedal above the posted speed before the increase and the differences in drivers’ speeds were lowered.

“Most drivers are at 70 or 75 mph,” he said. “When you have a driver at 55 and another at 80, you could see more accidents.”

Since I’m sure they wasted money on a study that anyone driving on the road could have told you, I’m going to disown Purdue on this one. Of course, if they come back and claim we should arrest anyone traveling 55 MPH on the highway, I’ll be right by their side.

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