Recent Banner Work

I don’t do print work very often, but I seem to have done quite a bit lately. Here are three banners I did recently for a good client of mine. These are the kind that stand up from floor to ceiling on those little “popup” stands.

Reaction Strike Popup Banner

This one’s my favorite and done completely from scratch, too. The water, rays, sea bed and bubbles are all done with various filters and overlays. No images are inserted beyond the photographs.

Reaction Strike Popup Banner

This one’s, uh, different. I must confess that the idea came to me by way of another person, but fits with their market. The lures featured are all colored in the “Sexy” style. That’s really the name of the color. So, imagine an expo with a bunch of fishermen. That’s the target audience and I figured this would get some attention. Again, all custom background imagery using filters, brushes and overlays. I did use a picture of smoke from iStock on this one, too. I also took the photos of the lures.

Castaic Banner

This is one for another brand, but owned by the same company. Pretty simple and the first one I did among the three. The goal here was to feature the photos, per their request. So, the sky fades out and into a black texture at the top, which is in line with the rest of the branding for the company. In retrospect, I should have centered the text instead of left-aligning it.

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