Our roundabout donation to the Animal Protection League

Several weeks ago we worked on a project with the Indiana Supreme Court to produce a short video. If you ever get arrested for a crime and hauled into court, you’ll likely see it.

The fine folks up in Madison County wanted a copy on DVD, so I burned one and mailed it to them.

They asked for an invoice, which was nice of them to do, but I didn’t know how to put one together. The stamp and DVD envelope was about a $2, and the DVD itself was about a nickel and it didn’t take much effort to open Final Cut and hit “Share > To DVD”. I guess there was the time I spent going to the Post Office, but seeing as how I biked there it was more of an excuse to get away from my desk than anything. I wasn’t going to bother with an invoice for about $5. Yes, I could charge a premium for the work, but I already got paid for the work and this was for another government unit, not Coca Cola.

So because it was such a small amount I said, “Go get a few bucks out of your petty cash and donate a couple cans of food to your local Humane Society or animal shelter.” Jim, my contact there, agreed and said he himself was a big animal lover having several cats and dogs of his own.

A couple days ago they donated $25 to the Animal Protection League in Anderson, Indiana. Which is enough money to keep their dogs in kibble for a few days. If you have petty cash, you can help, too: http://inapl.org

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