Salem, Ind. Economy Takes Whallop

The Indianapolis Business Journal has this news for the down and out in my hometown of Salem:

The sluggish economy has prompted several companies to close plants or lay off workers in the state in recent days. They include:

-Jasper-based Kimball International Inc. said it will close its furniture factory in Salem and move the operation to its Borden plant, also in southern Indiana, according to the Evansville Courier & Press. Capacity at both plants had fallen below 50 percent of capacity. The 244 workers at the Salem plant were offered the opportunity to shift to Borden.

So, crap just got worse for Salem. How could I be so vain in thinking that good things might ever again come to Salem?

This effectively eliminates all of Salem’s (and Washington Co.’s) long-time employers. After Smith’s Cabinet closed a few years ago from a flood, all those folks went over to Kimball. Now that Kimball is waffling and gas prices may force some employees out of a commute that long, they could find themselves out of jobs again.


All that’s left in town is the Salem Lumber Co. which pays just a hair more than minimum wage.


Salem had better start marketing something and quick. If they’re smart, they’ll start fixing their brain drain by getting Ivy Tech to locate a campus there.

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