Sex is gross and other things we learned Friday

Maybe you heard, but the Supreme Court finally put the gay marriage debate to rest last week.

I have had so many opinions for so long on this, and most of them do nothing to make anyone happy. I don’t fit into this neat little “us vs. them” on some things, and in other respects I want nothing but to see “the other side” destroyed. Allow me to explain…

Marriage should be private

Rand Paul seems to have come out for private marriage literally yesterday, at least vocally. I’ve long told people marriage is an obnoxious merging of church and state. As long as we tolerate that, we’re going to keep having problems.

Marriage should be reserved for churches and religious institutions. The government should be in the civil union business. You can get one, the other, or both. So if you’re not religious and want to get together for legal and financial benefits, the government can square that up. If you’re religious but don’t want to involve the government, your church can take care of that in the view of your faith. If you want both, get both.

This way no one has any problem either way, except in cases where people get miffed at churches for being way behind the times in most cases. I can see an instance where the Catholic church, for instance, might catch heat for not allowing same-sex marriages for the next 100 years or whatever.

But again, this is where the government can divorce itself of church and allow people flexibility and basic protections, as it should.

Republicans and Democrats are right

Great, I can get married now. But I can still be fired for it in a majority of states.

The Republicans and Democrats on the Supreme Court are not wrong. Chief Justice Roberts is not wrong when he says the Constitution has “nothing to do with” marriage.

This is just a muddy, gray area where a compass is pointing in one direction and our laws are not.

Our government is designed in such a way that when one branch is weak or ineffective, other branches will step up. So in the absence of a functioning Congress, our Executive (the President) and Judiciary (the Court), step in to fill the void just because pressing matters continue to be problems. Problems don’t stop just because Congress puts their hands over their ears.

So without Congress, SCOTUS stepped up and did what we did in the 60s with race: a big fat fiat that pushes things along. Does anyone think that Mississippi would have done away with slavery if not for the federal government? It took them this long just to kinda think about taking down the flag they used to represent that whole movement.

The Court’s opinions were weak. The reasoning was, basically, “Just because people have moved this way”.

I’m tired of this fight and every one after it

I generally do not like to be a “fighter”. So when I hear things like, “This battle isn’t over” or “The fight continues” for other rights and protections, I am thoroughly exhausted. I’m the guy who just gets up and goes to do something else.

But I am also incredibly irritated, angry, and confused.

I am irritated and angry by religious people. Every last one of them. I don’t care if you’re in an “open and affirming” church or the Church of Cannabis. I am angered by the very existence of religion most all of the time.

Every time a terrorist blows themselves up in the name of Allah, or someone answers any question with “CAUSE JESUS!”, or anytime someone votes in a State house or Congress to do something because of their faith, I am absolutely enraged.

For every major problem we face as a city, a state, a country, and as a people I can almost always trace it back to the tentacles of religion telling someone “This is okay”. It is not okay.

I am still shocked that we, as a country, have not heard stories of school children writing “God” in an answer field on a test when solving a question for “x”. Or adults claiming they don’t need to take a driver’s test, but still deserve a license, because “God told them so” and then filing court cases or petitions to make their non-answer the ONE TRUE ANSWER. That’s in “voices in your head” territory, but I have no doubt that if that happened, some base somewhere would get fired up to get it done.

My experience in church for years was one of shock and horror. People openly praying and opining for things like a job, their health, or marriage. For a group of people closely aligned with the “personal responsibility” crowd, they seemed to take little of it. The people praying for health so frequently ate crap and didn’t exercise. The people praying for a job seem incapable of reading a book other than the Bible to help them increase their skills. The people praying for their marriage don’t seem inclined to talk to each other, but instead to God. I’m aware there’s something to be said for “God enabling people” or “Giving you to the tools”, but not many people seem to catch that hint at the churches I sat in for years. Not to mention the notion that every bad thing that you do is “Satan”, because without him you might have to take responsibility for your own failure.

When it comes to some sort of culture war, my libertarian bent doesn’t want to care. Just leave me alone. And you dictating terms of my government defies that. This is like the government dictating what we can eat for dinner because someone’s a vegetarian.

I get it, you think gays are gross

Sex is pretty gross. All of it. Men have a floppy piece of ugly urine-piping, women have a smelly cavern of blood and urine, and everyone poops.

When people say “Being gay is a choice”, “Gays can’t have sex”, “Gay sex is an abomination”, that seems to ignore the obvious reality that all sex is pretty gross and everyone who has sex is touching something or putting something somewhere that leaks something.

And gay people no more choose to blow a bag of dicks than any straight woman or no more than any straight man chooses to fondle breasts. You like what you like, because you do.

And yeah, Pride parades are pretty weird. But don’t tell me that the Snake Pit at the Indy 500 is some bastion of upstanding class and purity. Or wrestling hogs or running a mud dash at a county fair isn’t a little unusual.

At the heart of all of my feelings, there’s one inescapable logical conclusion that causes my sense of confusion: people think and do what they do because it’s what they do. I can’t change people’s minds, I can only try to carry on and, at best, ignore them. People have different opinions and thoughts, and I am not blind to that.

But it becomes very hard for me to do as my mother said and “mind my own business” when people go running around making laws making it impossible.

Religious people ruined marriage

If anyone’s ruining marriage, it has to be religious people. They’re the only ones who had it! If your neighbor’s ladder breaks and he blames you for it because you asked to borrow it a month ago, that’s pretty rich. Or, more aptly, if he blames you for his ladder breaking after yelling at you to not even look at it.

Marriage wasn’t any better or worse off yesterday than it is today or will be next week vs 600 years ago.

Stop calling me a faggot

I got called a faggot last week. In Indianapolis. Just walking down the street. Like I have countless times before. I don’t yell “Tiny penis!” randomly back at you.

So learn to leave people alone.

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  1. How can you possibly read my mind all the way from Indianapolis? I have never agreed with a person like this before… lol religion people. I’m Muslim by the way, and you’re awesome.

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