Shit Like This, Steve

Excuse my meme of a title, this is actually completely unrelated to Steve Jobs, it’s related to Steve Davisson, House District 73 representative from my hometown of Salem. Steve’s district represents that cluster of counties surrounding Washington County to the east, west and south. I had originally posted on his Facebook Wall after he voted ‘yea’ for HJR-6, the bill pushing for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man and woman and that civil unions are bogus. He deleted it. So, I asked some friends to post it instead. One of them stuck, from the local newspaper editor. Here’s the conversation:

Shit Like This, Steve 1

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2 thoughts on “Shit Like This, Steve”

  1. Steve Davisson: opinions born of complete ignorance do not deserver respect. And your opinions are born out of complete ignorance, not only of your own holy book, but of the very basics of biology.

  2. Steve it’s a wonder you ever got elected if you honestly believe that this country and it’s constitution is based on Christian principles. Thomas Jefferson was an atheist. Ben Franklin was as well. Most of the founding fathers and our first president were slave owners. You mentioned the ten commandments. Four of those commandments deal with having/serving/worshiping only one God. Where are the commandments that forbid child abuse? What about slavery? And George Browning, that man is living in la la land. You seriously think America was founded as “One Nation under God”? That was added to the National anthem in 1954. The term “In God We Trust” was added to money in the late 19th century. The founding fathers purposefully left all of those type of phrases out. It is amazing what some people will vehemently argue for when they haven’t a clue about the subject. Is George really anti civil union because of insurance fraud? Give me a break. You don’t think that men and women have sham marriages just for insurance benefits or citizenship? Come on people.

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