Huh, who woulda thought folks shopping at a Wal-Mart would ever fall for this:

GREENSBURG, Ind. (Greensburg Daily Times) – Locals fans clamoring for an autograph or photo with their favorite iconic wrestler received a Stone Cold disappointment on Saturday.

According Greensburg Police Chief Brian Heaton, a visit to the city by the retired World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) icon Stone Cold Steve Austin was really an impostor looking for some cold hard cash.

Originally slated to appear before the pro wrestling event at the Armory on Saturday, the look-alike Austin and his manager were able to convince the local Wal-Mart to hold an autograph signing. During the event, the phony charged fans $10 for an autograph and picture. As the fake Austin began greeting fans, Wal-Mart managers noticed something wasn’t right.

Even more interesting that people showed up for a fake wrestler impersonating a real wrestler who fakes wrestling.

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