Super Republican-Rama Bowl 2012

Yeah, that’s just what we need in this city. A bunch of uptight, old-fashioned white people. Oh, wait:

“I’m more convinced than ever that Indianapolis would be a superb place for a national convention for either party,” he said. “Having said that, the 2012 Super Bowl obviously is a big deal for the community, and we certainly wouldn’t want to be at cross-purposes with the Super Bowl.

“I’m not saying we would be, but we haven’t had all of those conversations.”

Some initial conversations have been positive.

“We have been encouraged to bid for the 2012 convention by some of the leadership in the party,” said Mike McDaniel, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party when it put in a bid to host the 2000 RNC. “They see Indianapolis and Indiana as being readily suited to hold an event of that kind because we have a track record of doing big events well.”

Luckily for Indiana, our citizens don’t have enough money to really fit in with the RNC types. Maybe Indy should stick to the Super Bowl and Carmel or Fishers can host the RNC in their Holiday Inn.

Assuming that all goes well, maybe Indy could bid for the Olympics in 2016. We oughta be a shoe-in for that. What with our “Crossroads of America” schtick, we oughta be able to get everyone downtown and parked in about 10 or 15 minutes.

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