Texas Schools Ban…Everything

I’m a big states-rights fan. Little democratic laboratories where the will of the people can be heard. Fortunately, we have a federal system that can step in to fix massacres like this.

The Texas Board of Education has removed the following from Texas school books and could impact a decade of Texas public school children.

  1. References to Thomas Jefferson have been removed.
  2. There is no church/state separation.
  3. The U.S. is now a “constitutional republic”, not “democratic”.
  4. Hip-Hop is not an official cultural movement (can’t say I disagree with this. I can get behind early stuff like Run D.M.C. and the like.)
  5. Texas will no longer teach students that religions are protected under the U.S. constitution and can’t be “favored”.
  6. McCarthyism is protected and favored.
  7. Texas will teach students the emergence of the Republican platform in the 80’s and 90’s.
  8. No more sociological discussion of “transsexuals and who knows what else”.
  9. “Capitalism” is now the “Free Enterprise System”.
  10. The late Sen. Edward Kennedy and Justice Sotomayor have no coverage in Texas textbooks. Reagan ranks pretty high up, though.
  11. In an odd move considering Texas’ location, no Hispanics died at the Alamo.

I suspect this will get overturned very, very quickly. I’m sure the ACLU is descending on Texas in swarms not seen since the days of the carrier pigeon.

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