The Anti-App(le)

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for:

Microsoft this week offered a window into the first phase of a mega million dollar advertising campaign designed to clear up ‘misconceptions’ about the quality of its Windows Vista operating system exacerbated by in-your-face marketing efforts on the part of longtime rival Apple.

The first series of ads in the campaign were reportedly met with rave reviews last week when they were previewed at Microsoft’s employees-only Global Exchange conference.

“We know a few of you were disappointed by your early encounter. Printers didn’t work. Games felt sluggish. You told us—loudly at times—that the latest Windows wasn’t always living up to your high expectations for a Microsoft product,” the company said. “Well, we’ve been taking notes and addressing issues.”

Now, everyone knows I’m a big fan of Apple products, but come on. Seriously? Why do you need a marketing campaign to tell everyone how much your product doesn’t suck? In theory, shouldn’t your product be so amazing that it sells itself without the hassle Vista has seen?

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