The Art of Crap

I just finished reading “Clout, the Art and Science of Influential Web Content” and while I didn’t get much out of the book, I did have a thought.

The book, for the uninitiated, is just about how to write compelling content on the web. It’s the kind of book that uses the word “content” so many times it loses its meaning. The problem is that every book I’ve ever read about this subject is usually just examples of other people’s stuff, namely Apple and 37Signals and a few others. Barack Obama’s campaign made several appearances in this book. You rarely see any nuts and bolts “how to” material because that’d be like writing a book about how to sing. That’s nearly impossible, but I’d think books about writing are at least in the right medium.

I’ve decided that writing content is just like singing. Some people are really good at it, but the vast majority suck spectacularly and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, let alone you.

TL;DR: reading stuff on the web sucks because most people suck at writing and that’s not going to change.

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