The Bad Guy

Abdul writes this morning about the shooting for Indianapolis police office David Moore and two teens shot near Circle Centre Mall Downtown this weekend, saying in part:

I’ve been asking myself why these types of events happen?  The easy answer of course is that there are bad people in this world who do bad things.   But to a certain degree, I think the “community” bears some responsibility for this as well.

This “community” that complains about crime, but won’t cooperate with law enforcement to take the bad guys off the street.  This is the “community” that complains about schools, but won’t do anything to advance their own child’s education.  This is the same “community” whose neighborhoods stay in perpetual disrepair and keep electing the same people who were incapable of fixing the problem the first time they went into office.  And this is the same “community” whose clergy is more concerned about lining their own pockets than lining the streets with hope and opportunity.

I agree with everything except that whole “keep electing the same people who incapable of fixing the problem the first time they went into office” part. Maybe it’s early, because I’m surprised Abdul of all people would assume an elected official can fix this “community” that he’s talking about. Although, I think his point may be that they keep electing the same people over and over, mostly as a matter of race. But I don’t want to put words in his mouth, I can’t say for sure.

Frankly, that “community” seems to choose to live in that absolute squalor of crime and low achievement. I’m not sure what anyone can do to help them. The legions of volunteers, grants, donations, programs and interest groups advocating day and night for these people is insane and mostly fruitless. These communities get increased police patrols, thousands upon thousands of dollars more per student in education funding, HUD builds houses all over the place for next to nothing and we still have problems with these people.

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is that we’re helping too much. Sorta like how we just give rice and food to villages in 3rd world counties and everyone fights for it when it’s there but they all starve when we leave? Maybe we’re giving too much rice to the villages and we should be showing them how to grow their own, so to speak. Instead of building a dozen houses in a crap spot and hoping everything works out, maybe we ought to not build the houses and help these people figure out how to save and afford their own?

Just a thought. I know, it’s early.

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