The Bionic Peyton Manning


INDIANAPOLIS — Chicago rediscovered its winning formula last night.

Play tough defense, control the ball and make no major mistakes.

No, it wasn’t enough to win a Super Bowl 19 months ago against Indianapolis, but it was the perfect scenario to ruin the Colts’ debut game in the new Lucas Oil Stadium 29-13.

Chicago ended Indy’s remarkable streak of 21 consecutive wins in September and October, the league’s longest run since Green Bay won 23 pre-November games from 1928 to ’32. It’s also the first time since 2004 the Colts won’t start at least 7-0.

You’d think that with the $76 million price tag it cost us to build the frickin’ stadium we’d at least get a free Bionic Peyton Manning to go with it. Manning should be able to load the ball into his right arm and shoot it out over the field at no less than 110 MPH. Jeff Saturday’s knee could be fixed this afternoon while we’re at it.

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