The Dentist

One week ago I went to the dentist’s office. I had an appointment scheduled for 11 o’clock. I arrived at 10:50 and went up to the door to find a note that said “Will return at 11”. I figured they were out to lunch and would return by 11.

Turns out, after 11:30, two other people joined me sitting outside the dentist’s office in the toasty sun. That’s when I decided that if they were going to waste my time, I was going to waste theirs. So, I left.

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone calling saying I was scheduled for an appointment at 4 PM (today). And I was scheduled for last week. I explained my story and the receptionist said she had to run to the Post Office that day and it took a while.

My first thought was, “You’re the receptionist AND the dentist!?”

My second thought was, “Well. Now what?”

She apologized and informed me that they no longer offer 4 PM appointments (I make appointments 6 months in advance) so I could come in at 2.

They promised to be there.

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