The iPad is Great

Now that it’s been a couple months since I’ve had my iPad, I should really tell you that it’s great. I’m using it to tap out this blog right now.

I’ve been using my iPad this evening, sitting on the couch and surfing the web, playing Sim City, watching YouTube videos and managing email for almost 90 minutes and I didn’t even know that much time had passed.

The Kindle and iBooks apps are great, too. I’ve used both to read more books in the last few weeks than I have read in the last few months. Plus, it appears that Amazon has slashed some Kindle eBooks to just mere dollars. I’ve been snatching up all kinds of books for $2 or $3. Even a cheapskate like me can pay that. It beats going to the library, only because it’s so easy. I wish digital libraries existed so we could all share great books.

It’s a really neat device and well worth the money. And the now poorly-named iPhone OS 4 is really going to make this a dream to use.

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