The Last Surviving US WWI Veteran

CNN has an interesting story on Frank Buckles, the last surviving US WWI Veteran. He just turned 109 years old. One hundred and nine years old. One. Oh. Nine.

That’s old.

It makes me wonder what all that man has seen and lived through. Here’s some of the things this man has seen from the very beginning (not necessarily in order):

  1. The invention of Cornflakes.
  2. The publication of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
  3. The invention of the tractor.
  4. The invention of the first talking motion picture.
  5. The car.
  6. The radio (and, of course, the  TV later)
  7. The zipper.
  8. Band-Aids.
  9. Scotch Tape.
  10. The Ballpoint Pen.
  11. The fun of the Slinky.
  12. Velcro.
  13. Microwaves.
  14. The thought of credit appears for the first time to consumers via credit cards.
  15. The rise of the American median age from 22 to 36 years old.
  16. Civil rights.
  17. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  18. Pearl Harbor.
  19. 9/11.
  20. Women’s rights.
  21. He lived through the Great Depression, and now, the Great Recession.
  22. The US grew by more than 205 million people.
  23. INDIANA FACT: as the US grew, the geographical population center shifted from Columbus, Indiana to Phelphs County, Missouri
  24. The world’s oldest and longest-burning lightbulb is also 109 years old.
  25. The Israelis and Palestinians are still fighting.

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