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I’ve long lamented how awful it must be to hire a web designer or a marketing group. It’s a lot like going to new hair stylist for the first time. There’s a lot of trust required, and if you’re not there on referral from someone else, it can be cumbersome to find, speak with, and get to know a new stylist.

If you don’t like the cut, hopefully it’s not too bad. And it will grow back. You’re also only out the $30.

But with a web team? How many of your friends or family know a web agency for hire? And we’re not talking $30, but $3,000 or even $30,000.

When I sat at my desk one afternoon thinking about that I realized that’s a horrible way of doing business. So to make it easier and more affordable ($30,000 for a simple website? How many nonprofit organizations can afford that?), we set a new industry first: low monthly payments that includes your domain, hosting, and professional support from us.

But we can do more. Because there’s another customer pain point that needs tackling and today we’re announcing our solution for the biggest problem customers have after they launch their new site: redesigning it in a few years.

Few websites can truly last more than five years without looking stale. The technology changes too fast. Just look at how the iPhone changed everything on the mobile side of things since 2007. If you launched a site in 2006 that’s a problem.

Who knows, we might be talking to websites with Siri in a few years on our wrists.

Automatic website redesigns every three years

So to insure our sites are always the most up-to-date and taking advantage of new technology, trends, techniques, and our own improvements, we’re announcing SuperRefresh.

SuperRefresh is an automatic website redesign every three years. From the time we launch your new site we’ll come back and revisit it in three years for a redesign. A new template, a new look, a new approach.

It’s exclusively for monthly subscribers and is available for just $150 a month when paired with a monthly payment for regular services.

It’ll even out your budget and keep your site in the best shape possible.

To get started, check out our subscription rates, contact us, request a call, or sign up now.

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