The Saddest Day of My Life

The New York Times is reporting that Joe Perry, via Twitter and a second interview, has claimed lead-vocalist Steven Tyler has quit the band:

The sweet emotions that the members of Aerosmith once felt towards each other have apparently come to an end. In an interview with The Las Vegas Sun, the group’s lead guitarist, Joe Perry, said that the singer Steven Tyler quit after a concert in Abu Dhabi. “Steven quit as far as I can tell,” Mr. Perry told The Sun. “I don’t know any more than you do about it.”

I can assure you that I’m the biggest Aerosmith fan you know. I have 308 Aerosmith songs, including 6 different versions of “Walk This Way” and a rare recording of Steven Tyler signing Happy Birthday to guitarist Brad Whitford. I also have a recording of Steven Tyler signing the national anthem at a Boston Red Sox game. All told, it adds up to 23 hours of music by Aerosmith.

Within reach of my chair in my office I have three Aerosmith keychains, two Aerosmith fan passes and four Aerosmith concert ticket stubs. Mind you, since before I was able to drive I’ve been going to Aerosmith concerts. They were, in fact, my first concert at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. Their concerts are among the most interesting things I’ve ever done and I’ve been to every one that has been in Indianapolis, Louisville or Cincinnati. I saw one tour with special guests KISS and Cheap Trick at Louisville’s Freedom Hall in June and again at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indianapolis just a couple months later.

I imagine that with Joe Perry and Steven Tyler’s on-again-off-again relationship from the past 20 years that they’ll probably pull through whatever is going on inside the band. This isn’t the first time. This is just the first time they’ve ever broken up via Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing Aerosmith on stage at the Verizon Center again. Steven Tyler is one of the most unique and vocally interesting singers I’ve ever heard.

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