They Called ME for Jury Duty!

I got notice in the mail from Marion County Clerk Beth White today that I’ve been summoned for jury duty and boy, I can’t wait. Let me just say that I want something BIG. None of that jaywalking crap. I want a murder case. Preferably with media attention so I can get a book deal later.

Since I always make up my mind about everything weeks before based on my gut and I’m so stubborn that it’s impossible to change my mind on most things, I’m a perfect juror. That and I can’t stand most people or their behaviors. Heck, I’ll bust that guy if he has long fingernails.

I imagine it’d be a lot like what you’d get if you put Sue Sylvester on a jury:

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  1. OK. Two things:

    1. I think you just expertly disqualified yourself with this post — that is, if the defense does online research about potential jurors.

    2. Just in case they don’t find you by searching how to “relax your sphincter,” please tell me your group isn’t being called before November 30th.

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