Things just aren’t good anymore

I have often said, “It never ceases to amaze me how much people don’t know.” No where has that been more evident to me than today. Today has shifted my entire worldview.

I woke up and decided I wanted to go for a bike ride, except, my bike tire was flat. The back wheel was completely void of air. Upon further inspection and the installation of an additional barrier wall, it was discovered that a broken piece of a beer bottle had punctured the back tire.

“Why is there a broken piece of a beer bottle lying on the side of the road?” “How is that even a thing?”

Later in the day, I decided to drive up to Fry’s to pickup an iPhone 4 dock. I’ve decided to start minimizing my possessions for unspecified reasons and my alarm clock is now my iPhone. While driving to Fishers, I again felt like the only person on the highway that actually knew where I was going.

Inside Fry’s, finding the dock wasn’t as easy as looking in the iPhone accessories area. Upon asking two individuals where they were, both of which just said, “Go try the phone department, aisle 7”, I had it.

Sales guy: “If they’re not on that wall, try the phone department.”

Me: “Yeah, thanks for that. I tried looking for it and it’s not there.”

Sales guy: “We probably don’t have it then.”

Me: “I looked on your site, just ten seconds ago. It says you have them in your inventory here at this store.”

Sales guy: “I’d try the phone department then.”

Me: “I’ve been there, I don’t see it. I want you to do your damn job, physically walk over there and point at it with your hand. This is what I want from you right now.”

Sales guy: “Do you expect me to know where everything is in this store?”

Me: “Yeah, actually, I kinda do.”

Sales guy: “Well I don’t. Sorry.”

Me: “Then fuck off, go home and stay out of this business. Me, I’ll leave too, and I’m never coming back.”

I walked out. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s hold a grudge. I haven’t eaten at Chik Fil A since I got sick on a chicken nugget there when I was 10. I’m pretty sure I’ll never see the inside of Fry’s again.

Even later today, I’ve spent my entire evening contemplating dinner. Nothing I had sounded good, I didn’t feel any desire at all to leave and get something and anything that did sound good was terrible for me and completely useless nutritionally. So, I haven’t eaten anything. I’m tired of my food options seemingly boiling down to “Healthy and of sandpaper texture” or “Horrifyingly terrible for your insides”. And don’t give me this, “Oh, try this soup recipe…” crap. I can’t begin to tell you how much stuff I really don’t like, especially soups. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy and there’s only so many ways you can cook a pork chop.

I just don’t like anything anymore.

For the last several years my worldview has centered around this idea that people can and should take care of themselves. That people are smart, rational and capable. And now, actually, I’m convinced that’s entirely wrong. I’ve met people, and let me tell you, these people are insane and dumb as squirrel nuts — and they can vote.

Clearly someone needs to tell people what to think and do, because most people can’t seem to do that for themselves anymore. If people can’t learn to do their jobs or learn to put beer bottles in a recycling bin, what hope is there? What an awful place to be and live. What a terrible era we live in. If this isn’t hell, I don’t know what is. Yesterday I learned that my neighbor had a small meth lab in his house. There is literally a goddamned meth lab in my backyard. Someone, please, get me out of here.

Things just aren’t good anymore. It’s terrible, it’s depressing and it’s downright draining.

And now, consider me drained.

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