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This explains a lot about Apple. A post from reveals an interesting story of one developer working closely with Apple. It brought about this nugget of information:

Doom Classic was rejected twice before Apple allowed it to appear in the [App] store with some minor changes.

Carmack thinks the run-ins with Apple are because the company, the highest people in the company, look down on games. But the popularity of gaming on the iPhone has forced Apple to try and come to grips with that, even if they’re not happy about it.

“At the highest level of Apple, in their heart of hearts,” Carmack said, “they’re not proud of the iPhone being a game machine, they wish it was something else.”

I can’t say I disagree. I generally look “down” on games with the same fervor I’m sure Apple’s higher-ups do. Games are, generally, a distraction from the real work people should be doing and I don’t doubt Apple feels the same about games on the Mac, either.

I look at my Mac and my iPhone as devices designed to help me get things done, not distract me with otherwise useless games.

I cringe when I hear about people who spend much of their time, much of their adult time, playing games like World of Warcraft and Doom.

I’m reminded of a story about Steve Jobs where a new Apple employee walked into a meeting where Jobs was present and the employee asked how everyone’s weekend was. Jobs stared coldly and said something to the effect of, “Let’s bring the quality of our conversation up a notch.” Clearly, Apple’s higher-ups are workaholics working “90 minutes a week and loving every minute.”

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