This Week in Failure

I took a break from working on a new website and look at all this crap that popped up in my feed reader:

Arkansas wants to ban headphones:

State lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban headphones in both ears near streets.

Tim Poole says he’s seen the worst of what could happen while running with headphones.

Poole says, “Well a friend of mine she was running in her neighborhood and had her headphones on and she was hit from behind.”

He’s introducing a bill that would ban pedestrians from wearing headphones in both ears while close to a street, intersection, or highway.

Runner Charlie Moore says pedestrians should use their own judgment.

People using their own judgement!? GASP!

And then there’s this nifty new tax fee:

INDIANAPOLIS (WFIE) – A bill has been proposed that would have consumers paying .10 a bag for grocery bags.

If passed, the bill, introduced by northern Indiana State Representative Shelly VanDenburgh, would act as a type of tax.

According to the bill, 25% of the funds collected would go to the Indiana economic development corporation for the green industries fund, the other 75% would go to schools.

If passed, retailers would be required to have reusable bags for sale.

A fee is a tax, stop trying to make it sound different. And you know it’s a tax because there isn’t a human being in America that doesn’t use a plastic bag at some point or another. You go to the Dollar Store and buy a loaf  of bread and they throw the stupid thing in a bag because that’s what they do all day long and before you know it, you’ve just walked out with a bag inside another bag!

And if that wasn’t enough, the State is proposing we weigh all the kiddo’s at school and log that data into a database:

State Senator Beverly Gard (R-Greenfield) has proposed legislation that would require school corporations to collect information on students’ heights, ethnicities, ages, sex and even their weight.

Once students step on the scale their weights would be entered into a statewide data system that would help officials determine which part of the state has the most problems with obesity.

Then what? Send in the SWAT team to confiscate the chips and soda? I still remember how awful it was to have scoliosis testing done at school, I can’t imagine the horror this would induce. While we’re at it, why not log which kids we know (or think) are gay so we can send in the re-education teams?

For the love of all that is still good in the universe, government has got to stop trying to be everyone’s everything and let people deal with their own selves however they want. Everyone knows potato chips are bad, even high school kids know that. They still eat the stupid things because it’s better than that amorphous crap they’re serving down the hall in the cafeteria.

One good bit of news, though:

A state senator is asking a question she hopes will spur debate about sentencing laws and possibly save Indiana millions of dollars: Should the state legalize marijuana?

Although, she’s just asking for a study, so that’ll go nowhere. Everything else? Oh, those babies are ready for votin’!

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