This Week’s Tweets

  • Let's just flip California & give it a new coat of paint and some bushes, then sell it to Mexico. #
  • My oh my, the driveway so nice he had to shovel it twice. #
  • Do de do…waiting for DNS servers to update. #
  • Love that smooth, even snow-covered lawn. Not a single footstep near the grass and smooth hills where I shoveled the driveway. #
  • Pro tip: Clicking a guide in Illustrator will cause it to crash. Must be an Easter egg. #
  • You know what I don't own? A ruler. You know what I need? A ruler. #
  • RT @refreshindy: Looking for interested video professionals to volunteer for our 48-hour web event. If you want to learn more, DM us. #
  • My bra color: Bacon! #
  • Just shoveled the driveway. As snows go, this one was pretty wimpy. #
  • Honky Tonk Women – "It needs more cowbell!" #
  • Can someone tell me what "World Class" means? #
  • Judging by the sounds of sirens and, it appears there is a burning building & a car wreck nearby. #
  • RT @DougMasson: Mr. Plow, that's my name. That name again is Mr. Plow. #snowpocalypse #
  • It's going to take a lot more snow than that to keep me from working. #
  • Screw weather forecasts. First we were all gonna die, now we're just being advised to look for a couple inches. It'll probably rain. #
  • Five phone calls in the last 10 minutes. I left VM's with each. Now I'm about to bite into a sandwich, I'll assume they're ready to call. #
  • Has there ever been a more disgusting user experience than that of Illustrator's Gradient Mesh tool? #
  • RT @NicoleWTHR: winter storm watch posted for central #indiana beginning late wed. into friday morning. 4-7" of snow possible… #
  • I have spent the last 2.5 hours on the phone with four different people. Still two more numbers to call… #
  • It is currently 9 degrees in Indy. The only thing that's worse? The 2 degrees expected Sat. morning. 2? Seriously? Why even bother? #
  • CA clean-up crews hard at work after a VH1 bus overturned and spilled 2k lbs of sluty reality show contestants: #
  • Sippin' tea and sittin' on hold with the web host. #
  • My current problem: keeping two cats away from a lightbox that eerily resembles a cat toy. Plus, it's filled with big plastic fish. #
  • Indy is now without a Texas Roadhouse on the east side of town after a fire last night. I wonder if that made all the steaks "well done". #
  • Do not be alarmed…but, it's snowing again. #
  • That sound you hear is the sound of Indianapolis digging a giant hole to stick our collective heads in. #
  • I don't have the Colts game on, but judging by the fact that the IndyStar doesn't have the score up on it's website, I'll assume it's bad. #
  • Are the Colts doing something? #
  • RT @refreshindy: We've got a meetup this Wed. at 7 PM at Rock Bottom — are you going to be there? #

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