This Week’s Tweets

  • "No one is impressed by your knowledge of Jane Austen." #
  • RT @S_SylvesterGLEE: I'm pretty sure that by now Arianna Huffington is just faking that accent. #
  • The US Sup. Court has ended campaign finance laws. Corps. can now freely spend as much as they want on campaigns. #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: people are so excited about scott brown's win in MA, they're forgetting what we've lost: the importance of joe lieberman. #
  • I discovered the problem with health insurance companies. They don't know how to sell it when someone wants to buy it. #
  • DIGG Comment: just saying "you have to buy insurance" doesn't really give poor people insurance. #
  • That's it. I've had enough. I'm running for Congress. #
  • Question for my web design friends: do you have health insurance? #
  • How ironic that Ted Kennedy's death caused the election that will likely be the death of the one bill he wanted most. #
  • Prediction: Gov. Daniels will use the word "Michigan" at least 23 times tonight. #
  • RT @mymanmitch: The Indiana Senate just passed the constitutional amendment for property tax caps. It's now up to Hoosiers to vote on. #
  • I've got a page up recapping Refresh's 48 hour design marathon: #
  • My tablet prediction: Steve Jobs will announce a 10" tablet that "docks" on an iMac-style stand w/ Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. #
  • I have tons of emails from everyone – trying to catch up. Please be patient with me! #
  • Zzz…I'm up, I'm up. #
  • 61 phone calls received since Friday. #
  • I'm home after 52.5 hours of @RefreshIndy's #RefreshWeekend2010. 3 websites done in 48 hours. #

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