This Week’s Tweets

  • Just drove my tax papers to the tax preparer. Come on, big money! #
  • ABC news is reporting that Bill Clinton has been hospitalized at a NYC hospital. #
  • I'm bringing Facebook into the fold with my "Justin Mood Advisory System", or "JMAS". Learn more at #
  • We're back to status "calm". #
  • Just discovered the source of my last 2 $200 light bills: the breaker switched the furnace to "OFF", forcing it to use 'emergency heat'. #
  • We're at status "Angry" this morning. #
  • Indy pushing for $10B transit system. Rail, tolled express lanes and expanded bus service, along w/ tax increases: #
  • Late night update: as of midnight, it's still snowing quite heavily out there. #
  • Varvel's comic in the @indystar shows crap that has to stop. It's ignorant, intolerable and down-right embarrassing: #
  • My last blog post was my 666th. #
  • BEST COMMUTE EVER! I got up, put on my robe and went to work. Whew. Rough. #
  • RT @indystar: Winter storm warning posted for Ind. Forecasters now see 5-9 inches of snow starting after midnight. #
  • Iron Chef America has an interesting battle with chocolate and chiles. #
  • Last time I watched the Super Bowl was when the Rolling Stones played halftime. In fact, I really only watched just the halftime show. #
  • Palin writes vague notes on her hand for Tea Party speech: #
  • Indy is under a winter storm watch again – another 5 inches could come barreling down Monday/Tuesday. #
  • Who's not watching the Super Bowl today!? Who's with me! Yeah! Woo? #
  • RT @justifystudios: We're looking for a Flash animator. If you're interested and have the skills, DM us. #
  • Me too…RT @DougMasson: Driveway shoveled. My duties to suburbia are temporarily complete. #

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