This Week’s Tweets

  • I found "The Reluctant Astronaut", starring Leslie Nielsen AND Don Knotts on YouTube! I'm stoked! #
  • I'm here. Make a big deal. #
  • I love the ducks that randomly troll around this man's feet. Stay classy with your crappy website: #
  • RefreshIndy is comin' 'round in a couple weeks. Hope to see some of you there. #
  • Just destroyed the ice on my sidewalk. First time in a week I can walk outside and not be in danger of breaking my neck. #
  • When did Google Traffic expand to about every inch of interstate highway in the midwest? #
  • #
  • Question: how many of you have organized address books and photos of each of your contacts in your phones? #
  • Since I am by all accounts a trend-setter, just wanted to tell newspapers that I'm never going to pay for news online. #
  • Just saw a photo of Dan Coats running for Senate. I didn't realize that he is a former senator. He's also old. CANDIDATE FAIL. #
  • I only have 5 hours left to get 4,999 more signatures so I can run for Senate. Quick, just toss your name onto my Facebook status thread! #
  • What do you do when you have a client with a PC and you're trying to show a CMYK file generated from a Mac and the colors are mucked up? #
  • Waiting for John Mellencamp to announce his candidacy for Bayh's Senate seat. Any minute now… #
  • That crashing sound you hear in the background is my motivation… #
  • It's uh, still snowing… #
  • I think I'll run for the Senate… #
  • RT @indystar: BREAKING NEWS: Evan Bayh will not seek reelection, cites partisan gridlock in Congress. #
  • Westbound I-465 is shut down on the SW side of Indy. Crash involving 2 semis and a car. No estimate on when it will re-open. #
  • When's servers are overloaded, they throw an error that reads, "Oops! We bit off more than we can chew." #
  • Watching "The Shakiest Gun in the West" starring Don Knotts. Good stuff! #
  • I just found "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", the 1966 hit movie with Don Knotts, on YouTube. I've always wanted to see this movie! #

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