This Week’s Tweets

  • Who knew this existed? Google Moderator, helping you get input from any audience: #
  • Developers: sound off – what's your favorite e-commerce system and why? #
  • New Rule: Tech devices must start auto-correcting "u" to "you" and "r" to "are". Or, you have to stop being lazy. #
  • Ray Skillman appears bent on taking over every car lot in Indianapolis. #
  • Aerosmith, complete with front-man Steven Tyler, will be on tour in 2010. #
  • Google now indexes audio, allows in-browser preview playback of popular artists via LaLa: #
  • What's the safest neighborhood in Indy? Meridian Hills, where you have a 1 in 263 chance of being a crime victim. #
  • "America is kicking ass and mispronouncing names all over the Winter Olympics!" #
  • If Colbert was as hilarious as he was last night with Olympic coverage, tonight is going to be a fun night! #
  • I'm off to teach the future of America. It's a brave new world when they give *me* the ability to teach young people. #
  • If Dems called Republican's out and made 'em filibuster, most R's are so old they'd likely drop dead doing all that talking. Let's do that. #

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