This Week’s Tweets

  • Yep – that homophobe's a bonafide queer. (via @dougmasson) #
  • Will the Indy Public Library circulate iBooks so we can have e-libraries? I don't want to buy books, I want to rent them. #
  • Graphic Designers, what do you think? #
  • My students are emailing me questions in the middle of the day. Clearly they're working on my project and no one else's. Good students. #
  • RefreshIndy is tonight. I had a late lunch, but I think I can muster the courage to down some cheesecake. #
  • Holy big hair, Batman! YouTube just recommended this clip of Guns n' Roses & Aerosmith to me: #
  • Dear, I do not want to speak to India. I'd prefer it if I weren't confused AND trying to understand some mumbled words. Thx. #
  • NASA believes Chile's earthquake shifted the earth's axis and subsequently shortened the day. #
  • Watch dogs catch treats in super slow motion. Delightfully great: #
  • Been out of the office all morning. Finally sitting down to do things. #
  • Follow up: Why do all teenagers sound the same? #
  • Why do all teenage girls sound the same? #
  • For those looking for the WSJ's article, "Back to the ObamaCare Future", here's the free article, the way God intended: #
  • I want a rotary phone. I think it'd be cool to have one sitting on my desk. #

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