This Week’s Tweets

  • Too many things moving around outside. I don't like it. #
  • Dear Indianapolis Water, my driveway is private property, not a place for you to turn around in. Go to the end of the street. Thx., Justin #
  • #
  • Like WoW, students of IU's game design classes start as Level 1 avatars with 0 XP, and progress by completing quests. #
  • If Americans are going to be required to buy insurance, I'd better buy stock in Wellpoint. That's a mandatory gravy train I want in on! #
  • I would need to mail three things and have only two stamps. #
  • For those that missed it, check out Food Network RIGHT NOW to see Indy's own St. Elmo's Shrimp Cocktail on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". #
  • Pepsi plans to remove all sugary sodas from schools in the next two years. #
  • I like this new trash guy. He's very delicate with my trashcan and even gives it a good shake. I assume he reads my blog. #
  • Couldn't sleep. Tried for two hours to fall asleep. Alas, I'll work on my presentation for Wed. #
  • Prediction: within 100 years the U.S. will split into separate countries. N. East, South, Midwest, West, etc. Then we'll be like Europe! #
  • Kudos to Indiana's 3rd branch at @incourts for having a 1-of-a-kind government blog and Twitter stream. #
  • How we know we're screwed: Dennis Kucinich doesn't support the health care bill. If Franken splits, we really know we've got a pile of crap. #
  • Any referrals for any companies in Indy that can produce marketing clothing and apparel? #
  • Went to teach the Future of America and the Future was not there. Or at least, not much of it anyway. #
  • Thy census hath arrived. Ye ole quill pen shall be used to fill in bubbles thee. A dinosaur shall then carry it back from once it came. #
  • The mailman is two hours early. He doesn't observe DST, evidently. #
  • Daylight saving my ass! It's nearly 9 pm and the sun isn't even up yet! #
  • "That really flattens my soda pop!" #
  • The White House is claiming that the Health Care bill will "law of the land" by this time next week. Good, because I have a cold. #
  • ACHOO! #
  • Mitch Daniels decided to give us that extra hour of sun he's been hiding in his desk again. #

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