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  • Social Security is projected to pay out more than it takes in this year. A tipping point that wasn't expected until at least 2016. Great. #
  • Well shit. Winchester, Indiana threatened by giant poop bubbles: #
  • In case you missed it, learn about those "Sneaky gays" and their "pre-existing condition": #
  • In advance of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight on ABC, the US Senate is weighing school lunch reform: #
  • Is it possible to design a website with multiple pages without a navigation menu? #
  • I've been able to spend a wonderful day doing nothing but drafting website layouts on paper. #
  • Holy crap, it's only slightly above freezing outside. That green grass and sun is awfully deceptive. #
  • Looks like Indy's weekly tornado drill test is 6 minutes behind schedule. Tsk tsk. #
  • First came "The Social Safety Net", next was "The New Deal" and now we have "The Big F*cking Deal". #
  • Doing screencasts for my students so they can work over spring break. Such studious students. #
  • "When you're owed a tax refund, we'll actually send you cash unlike Kansas and a bunch of other states. How quaint." – Mitch Daniels #
  • #
  • Indiana really comes out swingin'. Good work, men: (via @Jim4) #
  • The dominoes fall: GoDaddy follows Google, set to leave China for intolerable privacy rights violations. #
  • Indy DPW has a nifty app to find out if you get a new trash can or if your trash day is changing: #
  • Americans sure are a fussy bunch. Now everyone likes the #HCR bill. #
  • Thank god we live in a country where we can buy insurance from…an insurance company. #
  • Indianapolis ranks second of the top 25 U.S. cities on the return rate of U.S. Census forms. We're awesome! #
  • I'm nice. Don't you think I'm nice? #
  • Chain restaurants will be required to list calories both on in-store and drive-through menus of fast-food restaurants soon. #hcr #
  • Ask me anything #
  • The Wash. Post has a page to see what the HCR bill means for you. I just get more taxes and no subsidies. Great. #
  • Sometimes, when I shave my face, I miss a hair that becomes longer than the rest. And that bothers me. And that's everybody's problem. #
  • It's a good day – two new clients in the last hour and they don't even know each other! #
  • That sound you hear is the sound of grandma being executed by Obama's death panels. #
  • Liberals put up with 8 years of Bush's hair-brained bat shit crazy policies doing far worse things. #
  • Amuricuh: F*ck Yeah! #
  • #
  • Rep. Carson (D-Ind.) claimed Sat. tea-baggers directed racial slurs at Rep. Lewis (D-Ga.). "Protesters called Lewis the N-word". #
  • If only we had debated important things like, you know, Iraq, this long. #
  • CNN reporting Reps. Gifford and Baird are switching votes to "Yes" on HCR. HuffPo reporting Dems have clinched all 216 votes needed. #
  • Thanks everyone for the responses. Health Care debate starts today at 1 PM ET and goes for two hours to cover three key votes. #
  • Does anyone know precisely when the House will take up the #hcr vote(s) today? #
  • To media artists out there: I'd like to invite you to RefreshIndy on 4/7 at 7 PM at Rock Bottom. RSVP at #
  • The Jet Stream is a funny thing – it's 61 here in Indy and snowing in Chicago. #

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