This Week’s Tweets

  • I just entered to win a free iPad from @Wufoo by playing a Mad Lib. It was fun! #
  • Pro Tip: Call Comcast, downgrade to locals. They'll never send a rep to change anything, so you'll continue getting more channels for less! #
  • Check out YouTube's "TEXTp" in place of 480p for April Fool's Day. #
  • I've never purchased an iPhone App. I only have 3 home-screens worth of apps. Judging by iPad app prices, I shouldn't bother buying it. #
  • In Jan. 2001, the Onion was eerily right about George W. Bush before anything even happened yet: #
  • Facebook is dumping that retarded "So-and-So Became a Fan Of…" feature opting for a simple "Like" feature. #
  • Just took 20 minutes to merely save the 300dpi, 8-foot tall, 1GB Photoshop document I just made. #
  • Building a 94"x35" Photoshop doc and working at 3% zoom just to see the whole thing. #
  • Odd tidbit about me: I hate seeing people with hands over their mouths. It's gross and makes me cringe. #
  • Getting new hardwood flooring put in the living room and hallway next week. I get to rip up the carpet! You can call me a carpenter now. #
  • the free @digg app's here for iphone! to celebrate they're giving out 1 custom colorware ipad everyday for 2 weeks! #
  • U.S. government to save billions by cutting the Senate: #
  • The census is a prime example of what marketing would look like when you have a nearly bottomless pit of money to draw from. #
  • Looks like it's up to me to create a new political party in this country. Who's with me!? #
  • I'm going to go mow the lawn. First on the block, baby! #
  • Gov. Daniels has some good news for Hoosier professionals interested in teaching, but not in extra tuition costs: #
  • I'm throwing "404, Creativity Not Found" errors all day. #
  • I'm off to the UPS store to mail a teddy bear to Chicago. Don't ask. #
  • It's a shame two-thirds of Hoosiers have never heard of Butler. I didn't know they existed until a couple years ago. #
  • The motivation. Is not here. #

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