This Week’s Tweets

  • Global warming must be false again today because it got cold. #
  • Just got my carpenter on and ripped up the carpet and pad in the living room. Wood floors have arrived and will be installed tomorrow! #
  • It's been a big week. Bought an iPad, new floors and health insurance. #
  • I need a freebie form system that allows file uploads. Suggestions? #
  • Remember, kids, Marion Co. sounds the tornado siren when we're under both a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning. #
  • I may or may not have bought an iPad today. Sent from my iPad. #
  • Tornado sirens in Beech Grove. #
  • Sitting outside, watching the globe spin. #
  • 20 bucks says Fred Phelps is gay. And another 10 says he's slept with Ted Haggard. #
  • Thinking of throwing thumbtacks all over the edges of the lawn to keep kids at bay. #
  • Every place I needed to go today for my usual Sun. routine was closed. That makes me mad. And that's everybody's problem. #

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