This Week’s Tweets

  • Ohio Police have issued an Amber Alert for a 7 year old believed to be in danger and en route to Carmel. #
  • Kinda chilly outside today. #
  • RefreshIndy is tonight. Looks like we have another great group of people, including several first-timers. #
  • Remember, kids, Indy's trash service is a day behind this week because of the holiday. #
  • Emotional photos from inside the A-Bomb museum in Japan: (graphic photos) #
  • Let it be known, they're only three emails in my inbox. Can't say the same for my to-do list. #
  • The folks at Sanford Brown college have a commercial that spells "brochure" "broucher". In a scrolling marquee. Smart. #
  • I hate this holiday. What a waste of money laced with an excuse to spew charred crap on my lawn and scare my cats with obnoxious noise. #
  • I think I might pickup the Twitter thing again. Maybe. But only if you ask nicely. Or just tell me to shut up. #

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