This Week’s Tweets

  • Tonight at 8 on Hallmark, I am all set for MATLOCK! #
  • Not much planned for tonight. Maybe I'll pick out which color of bumper I want for my iPhone. #
  • Prediction: Admitting defeat and a bad iPhone design, Steve Jobs will turn into a pumpkin and give everyone a free Mac Pro. #
  • Strong cuts from @MyManMitch and some stimulus funds keep Indiana weird: we're not in debt. #
  • New Rule: Casual "Friday" must now be known as "Scantily Clad Friday". #
  • BP is claiming the Gulf Oil Leak has stopped. 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes later. #
  • New Rule: You must hand in your currency to a bank. Pies will now be considered the currency of the midwest. Pecan is the new $20. #
  • Apple has reportedly scheduled a press event for Friday morning regarding iPhone 4. Interesting. #
  • I'm looking for some contract web development work. Msg. me for details. Pay is based on bids. #
  • I have to point out the funniest blog I've read in a long time: #
  • Just had someone tell me that clicking a link in an email and entering a new password was "too hard". #
  • My favorite movie, The Naked Gun, will be on TV Land tomorrow night. Hopefully right after an Andy Griffith marathon! #
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court Orders All Citizens to Gay Marry; nullifies 2.4 million heterosexual marriages. #
  • I bet very few people ever use the iPod app on their iPad. #

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