This Week’s Tweets

  • RT @justifystudios: We're looking for some PHP folks to outsource some work to. If you're interested, email [email protected]. #
  • Today: Up at 8, shopping at Edinburg for new shoes, sweaters by 10. Grocery shopping, lunch then cleaning. Website work and here I am! #
  • RT @justifystudios: New blog post: This Guy Really Loves Soda #
  • Enjoying the Beetles this evening. #
  • 6 Top Mac apps worth over $150, now available for a limited time, totally FREE! Grab ’em now at (via @MacHeist) #
  • Big Bird's legs are in Google's logo today: #
  • What an incredibly depressing day. #
  • That was an awfully loaded referendum question on the ballot. #
  • Marion County residents can go vote today. I'm off to the polls! #
  • Apple's Mobile Me tripped up my bank's security features. Locked my card because of possible fraud. Bank said MM is a "known target". #
  • Discovery's Storm Chasers are awfully, uh, gay. Not to mention incapable of planning or teamwork. #
  • I want one of these! #
  • I believe YouTube has fallen off the face of the Internet. #
  • Project 365 starts today for me. Viewable on Facebook and Flickr. #

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