This Week’s Tweets

  • It's another one of those chilly days outside. #
  • I will not be a happy person until Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones host a 6-hour concert together at Conseco. #
  • Not even 9:30 and it's 83 degrees outside. Again, if we can legislate time, why not the temperature? #Indiana #DST #
  • Anyone have any recommendations on a good, economical virtual or dedicated hosting provider? #
  • Did anyone else just get a message from AT&T to visit their new store in Niles, Michigan!? #
  • Skype for iOS 4 devices has *finally* hit the App store. #
  • Lawn has been conquered. I think I have a chinch bug problem in a spot in the front yard. This means war. And that's everybody's problem. #
  • I ask this question every year in the most non-racist way I can, so I'll ask again in light of the shootings: "why is there a black expo?" #

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