This Week’s Tweets

  • Thinking about getting tickets to see Louis C.K. at the Murat. Anyone else going? #
  • Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is rumored to be one of the next American Idol judges. Not sure how I feel about that. #
  • GET DOWN! Pew Pew! Bullet points everywhere! Pew! Pew! #
  • #
  • iPhone 4 Bumper just arrived. Came via USPS, not DHL and is 5 days early. WTF is Apple doing to these things!? #
  • I was going to go jogging five hours ago, but instead I coded a web page. #whichoneismoreboringtoeveryoneelse #
  • Just made low fat blueberry muffins from scratch. Actually had all the ingredients laying around. #
  • Weather is doing some crazy ass stuff out there. #
  • <sarcasm>The ability to install a font and NOT have to restart Fireworks in order to use it sure is 21st century stuff.</sarcasm> #
  • I will not be happy until Apple releases an iMac with an accelerometer and gyroscope. That way I can shake my Mac to erase emails. #
  • Thanks for all the responses, even though I knew the answer. Client says her friends think it'd be "nice", so that's what she wants. #
  • A client just told me to take a survey of people to find out how many people really like music on webpages. So, what say ye? #
  • RT @robalan: This. Is. Great. Toy Story 3: Inception — #
  • If you haven't ever been to Refresh before, I'd like to personally invite you next Wed. #
  • Maybe sanding and staining the deck on the same day I mowed and trimmed the lawn wasn't such a great idea. #
  • Neighbors invited a bunch of kids over. Annoyed me, so I deployed The Charlie and they all ran away. Rewarded the dog with peanut butter. #
  • Is there anything more annoying than the sound of children laughing? #

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