This Week’s Tweets

  • Met and spoke to Gov. Daniels this evening at @AimingHigherIN fundraiser. Pretty neat guy, but 70% of Hoosiers already knew that. #
  • Looking forward to dinner with @MyManMitch tonight as part of @AimingHigherIN fundraiser. in reply to AimingHigherIN #
  • Is anyone interested in owning an encyclopedia set? I have one that I no longer have room (or a need) for. #
  • At no zoom level does the word "Louisville" show up on Google Maps. #
  • Real Marriage = Real Penis + Real Vagina. Conservatives warn quick sex change only barrier between gays, marriage: #
  • Typo in Prop. 8 Defines Marriage as Between 'One Man and One Wolfman". #
  • I'm off to tonight's RefreshIndy meetup. See everyone in an hour! #
  • California's ban on same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional. "Violates rights of gays and lesbians." #
  • Seeing as how Refresh is tonight, it'll probably rain when I walk out the door. #
  • Getting a new kitchen floor installed in my castle. #
  • RT @refreshindy: Today's the last day to register for tomorrow's Refresh meetup. Hurry now! #
  • Is it 10 am or 10 pm? It's really dark out there. #
  • Yes!! Warren Township buses are on the roll this morning and rounding up vagrants — goodbye, kidos! #FirstDayofSchool #QuietNeighborhood #
  • RANT: Not gonna lie. I'm still a little steamed Brad got sent home on Next Food Network Star last night. #NFNS #

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