This Week’s Tweets

  • Does anyone know how to generate a printable catalog with several hundred products, based off an XML file? Can InDesign do that? #
  • Muahaha! Fence is down another $150 to $2,000 even and everyone is maxed out from starting at $2,680. Capitalism works! #
  • Muahaha! Price of my fence has dropped $350 in 30 minutes. I just keep calling places and saying, "The others guys just lowered the price!" #
  • Judge lifts the stay in same-sex marriage in California. Unions may proceed starting next Wed. #
  • RT @formitch: Lugar: “I’m not going to support anybody else until I know what Mitch is going to do. If he runs, I will support him.” #
  • IPL (light co.) just cost me $400 by blowing the capacitor in my AC with their flaky service. I know it's hot, but my house was hotter. #
  • Starting quote for a fence: $2,600. Now I'm down to just $1,867.50 through the miracles of competition! New goal: $1,500. #
  • Yesterday's fence quote: $2,600. Today's fence quote: $2,300. Yay capitalism! #
  • RT @justifystudios: Today's top web design star: #
  • About 130 Ben Davis Univ. HS students started their senior year today. I taught them everything they know. #
  • Sen. "The Internet is Not a Big Truck" Stevens has died in the Alaska plane crash incident. #
  • I have five invites to the new Digg available if anyone wants one. DM me your email if you do. #
  • (sorry, working/updated link) // Opinion: Why I'm Not Hiring. #
  • Opinion: Why I'm Not Hiring #
  • I recently moved my cat Dayton's pet bed into my office, since he spends most of his time here. Now, I get to hear him snoring all day. #
  • Congress set to pass the "_______ Act of _______" bill. No joke. It doesn't even have a name. #
  • Getting quotes for a fence for the backyard. Looking to get a moat for the front. Driveway will be converted to a drawbridge. #
  • Just so ya know, today is 8/9/10. #
  • The Fed appears set to downgrade the outlook for the US. How unsettling when our fiscal problem is so in our control. #
  • If Aarti and her stupid Paarti wins Next Food Network Star, I might have to gouge my eyes with a wooden spoon. #
  • RT @jonbrewerphoto: BREAKING NEWS: Gencon shootings/violence still at zero. #
  • Whenever I'm on the phone, the cat IMMEDIATELY begins rubbing against my leg and meowing as loudly as possible. #
  • Sales from Illinois' latest adult film, "Deep Inside Illinois", helped fund 6 trees in Chicago parks. #

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