This Week’s Tweets

  • New rule: people too fat to wear shoes must immediately surrender their limbs to be thinned down and given to people who could use them. #
  • Sometimes my cost estimates are uncanny. I'm billing a client now and I was $3 under what I estimated four months ago. Neat! #
  • Does anyone else use Google Play? It doesn't work for me anymore and I'm worried they're abandoning it. #
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I was the first person in Indy to try out Places for Facebook. I can also say I don't care for it. #
  • Stay classy, IU. IU faculty/staff, getting 3% raise. So much for budget problems and "scaling back": #
  • RT @refreshindy: Refresh now accepting nominations for non-profits in need of a new website! Nominate a charity now at #
  • Evidently, Facebook Places doesn't work in Indy. Complete and utter failure. Facebook should go bankrupt and hang its head in shame. #
  • And on the sixth day, Justin made a website, and it was good. On the seventh day, He kept working because that's what real men do. #
  • If you use Internet Explorer, why do you hate America? #
  • Dear, the Internet. I changed that domain's DNS hours ago. Please move faster. #
  • Nice to see Google Analytics is working in Safari 5. Only took a couple months. #
  • That sound you hear is the sound of children crying across my neighborhood. My fence has been approved by the HOA. Muahahaha! #
  • Neat photo of Gary, Ind. circa 1959 before the mills closed: #
  • RT @tbriscoe: RT @kristina64: 9PM est on TRAVEL CHANNEL RT @ManVsFood takes on the Circle City tonight. #Indy #
  • Just ran across a font named "Paint it Black" while listening to "Paint it Black". It's gonna be a good day, Tater. #
  • And gay marriages are off again. A fed. judge has re-issued a stay. No more changes expected until Dec. 6th. #
  • If Apple puts a camera in the iPad, all it'll ever do for me is take a picture of my cat. See: #

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