This Week’s Tweets

  • Refresh is next week. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. If you're a web or media pro, check us out: #
  • Back from Salem. Everyone will be pleased to know that, like always, nothing about it has changed. Carry on. #
  • Going to Salem today. It would have been mom's 49th birthday. #
  • iTunes to sell your home videos for $1.99 each. #
  • This describes be so well: #
  • Comic Sans Man: (via Tristan Schmid) #
  • For the love of — now an IMPD cop got caught in a tussle with a state trooper. #
  • Think "Render Render Render" could ever catch on like "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'"? #badtweet #killingtimewhilerenderingavideo #
  • [email protected] following IPS Kindergarten class for a year. Kids don't know what shelves, crayons or puzzles are. #
  • Fun fact: The new Facebook 'Places' logo has a "4" written in the square map. Get it? 4-Square? #
  • It's morning in America. #
  • ANOTHER drunk IMPD officer in hit-and-run, tries to cover it up. Get it together, guys. #
  • Evidently, I'm waiting for a client that has no intention of showing up. #
  • If IMPD didn't have a problem before, they do now. Nearly 14k people joining the anti-Bisard Facebook page. #
  • Philly blogger makes $50 in 3 years. City requiring her to pay $300 for a business license: #
  • Today's Digg comment of the day: "You people aren't making Christianity better, you're just making rock n' roll worse!" – Hank Hill #
  • One of the dog's handy features: he's really good with scaring off geese, even from a distance. #

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